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10 Awesome Facts About Cats That Will Change Your Perspective


10 Awesome Facts About Cats That Will Change Your Perspective

10 Awesome Facts About Cats That Will Change Your Perspective

     Photo by susannp4 on Pixabay 

Did you know that cats can see in the ultraviolet spectrum and have a feline version of anti-aging secrets? Or that they are more intelligent than dogs? If you Google “facts about cats”, you’ll find countless articles with interesting information about our feline friends.

 If you share a special bond with cats in your life, you’ll know that they can talk to you telepathically and even help you see in the dark. But, even if you’re not a cat person, you’re bound to learn something new about these curious animals. 

Here are 10 awesome facts about cats that will change your perspective:

Cats have an active mind

Cats love to play and are very active. It can be easy to assume that this is just another way for them to pass the time, but it’s actually a sign of how active their minds are. 

It’s not uncommon for cats to spend hours at a time just “ cleaning up ” their environment. This isn’t just to tidy up, either. They’ll spend hours scrubbing up germs and dust, moving furniture around, and even rearranging the furniture itself.

 And, while they might seem lazy, this act of cleaning is actually very important. When a cat cleans, it’s actually the same as a human sweeping or dusting! It’s a way of getting rid of dirt, dust, and germs while also getting your furniture and environment in order so that it’s cleaner and more organized.

Cats have excellent vision

Cats have excellent vision, just like humans. They can see in color and see in the dark thanks to their eyes, which are located on their faces.

 In fact, it is believed that cats have the ability to see around 35 different colors! Their eyes are directed upwards, so the only two parts of their body that we can see are the bottom of their faces and the top of their tails. 

Cats also have very strong necks, which allows them to see almost everything around them. This is why they are such great hunters! You can’t see what they can see, so they have a far better shot at finding prey and avoiding obstacles.

Cats are more intelligent than dogs

Cats are known as being one of the most intelligent species of animals on the planet. They have been shown to have superior cognitive abilities in many different areas such as problem-solving and object manipulation. 

Cats can also learn new skills faster than dogs can! It has been found that house cats can learn to use a computer mouse at a rate of around 1 click every 5 seconds, while greyhounds only learn the skill at a rate of around 1 click every 12 seconds.

Cats and Dogs are genetically close

Cats and dogs are genetically close, which means that they have a lot of common traits. In fact, it is believed that the ancestor of both cats and dogs was a species of wild canid.

 While cats are more specialized predator animals, dogs are more generalized foragers, so they have more in common. This genetic closeness also means that cats and dogs have a lot of genetic similarities. 

This means that they are more likely to get sick from the same diseases, and they can also suffer from the same behaviors such as separation anxiety and grooming.

Cats can see in the ultraviolet spectrum

Cats can see in the ultraviolet spectrum, which means that they can see a lot of colors that are not visible to humans. In fact, they’re able to see in up to 360 different shades of color! It’s not just humans that can see in the ultraviolet spectrum, either.

 Some species of fish, birds, and mammals can see in this range of light too! The only difference with cats is that their eyes are designed to see in this range of light too. 

They can see ultraviolet light just like us, so it’s likely that their eyesight is just better at it than ours is.

Cats have their own kind of fur coat

One cool fact about cats is that they have their own kind of fur coat. While most mammals have a layer of fur called guard hair, cats have a thick undercoat that is soft and fluffy. 

This fur coat keeps them warm in the winter and cools in the summer, so it’s a very important part of their anatomy. 

This coat is also very important for preventing your cat from getting too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Without this coat, your cat would be more susceptible to heatstroke, hypothermia, and frostbite.

Cats have a feline version of anti-aging secrets

Cats are known for being great at living long lives thanks to their low age at maturity and their ability to survive being hit by cars.

 This is because they are resistant to many diseases and have an excellent immune system. One of the ways that cats are able to have such a strong immune system is that they have an unusual diet.

 Cats have been shown to have a high level of protective antibodies in their saliva. This is because they eat a diet full of anti-inflammatory plants like beans, chickpeas, and lentils, which help to protect the body.

 This is especially useful for people with weaker immune systems who are at a higher risk of developing diseases.


Cats are wonderful, independent creatures that love to explore the world around them. They are curious and enjoy watching their humans around the house.

 Some cats even enjoy jumping into bowls of water to help your clean up spills. These are just a few facts you may not have known about cats. 

They are active and intelligent, and they can see in the ultraviolet spectrum. They are more intelligent than dogs, and they eat their own kind of fur coat. These are all facts about cats that will make you appreciate these amazing felines more than ever.